Sissy cuckolding is real if you can handle it

Sissy cuckold taking a selfie.

Plenty have heard about cuckolds in general but sissy cuckolding takes it to a whole new level. The mixture of feminization and emasculation makes for one hot and humiliating situation.

Once upon a time there were two groups of people knows as the sissies and the cuckolds. Somewhere along the way a new group emerged that was a combo of the two.

So what are we talking about here? Let’s find out what one is for starters.

What’s a Sissy Cuckold?

A sissy cuckold is a guy that shares his wife or girlfriend and has sissy traits as well. These cucks might wear panties, cross dress completely like a female and even fluff the bull’s dick for their cuckoldress.

Guys in this category are the most feminine, cock & cum craving cuckolds of them all. A portion of them are just closet cases that want all that dick for themselves but not all of them.

Sissy Cuckolding Defined

Sissy cuckolding is what happens when a guy has to watch his woman hookup with strange dicks while being dressed up and treated like a sissy slave.

When a guy is involved with sissy cuckolding there is a lot more to it then just watching your wife. There’s a whole new layer of the fetish now that involves treating your boyfriend or husband like they deserve. And by that I mean; Like a sissy bitch.

Cuckolds Versus Sissy Cuckolds

This fetish differs from traditional cuckolding due to all of the sissification type aspects to it, such as wearing panties or having to play with a bull’s dick.

Normally the guy just wants to watch, join in or jack off while someone enjoys his wife. That same doesn’t apply for sissies. They would be dressed up, often getting verbally taunted and even being laughed at while sucking cock or being on cleanup crew!

Standard cuckolds would be more of a “wife watcher” than someone that would want to suck a dick or taste another man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy during cleanup time. A sissy on the other hand would be face deep in her mound lapping it all up like a fiend.

The main differences are that women’s clothing is involved as well as the willingness to eat creampies, give head and possibly even take a cock in the ass-pussy. That’s a far cry from the typical cuckold.

Does sissy cuckolding sound like something you could handle or maybe already have? Share your thoughts!

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One thought on “Sissy cuckolding is real if you can handle it

  1. I don’t agree with this analysis on sissies. There are many levels of cuckolding and wearing a frilly pair of panties in the game doesn’t make them want to suck cock, or for that matter even enjoy a creampie orally. It’s not so simple to categorize men in these relationship as sissy’s just cause they enjoy watching their wife cum on another man cock while rubbing one out thru his nylon panties. Some might be as you suggest but I don’t think that many are. I enjoy panties and would love to wear them all the time. but I have no desire to service another man. Humiliation is also a turn on but some don’t like that either. I also believe that most panty boys are straight.

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