What is a Bull?

Cuckold Bull Explained

If you’ve looked into cuckolding then you’ve seen the word Bull used in reference to men but exactly does it mean?

Cuckolding Bull Definition

A bull is a man that has sex with women that are in committed relationships. Typically they get to enjoy hooking up with married women but banging some guy’s girlfriend is not out of the question.

How Does Someone Become One?

You may think there’s some magic recipe to becoming a bull but actually it can happen in a few different ways.

For example a guy might ask his friend to have sex with his wife. In that scenario his friend basically gets to be a bull purely by luck. The same applies for tons of other situations like that as well.

The other type of bull is a guy that pursues couples or truly enjoys sleeping with the partners of other men. These guys not only need to be attractive but being hung is usually a must have item on the list as well. Compared to the friend from the other example, these bulls need to meet a higher standard.

So if you’re a guy looking into this but you’re not lucky enough to have a friend into sharing his woman with you, let’s hope you’re hung and have the stamina to go along with it. Oh yeah and be hot too!

Who Gets to Choose Him?

You might be wondering who exactly gets to pick out this guy in the relationship and I’m many assume it’s always the woman but it’s not. Now that’s not to say always, because a huge percentage of the time the woman will indeed pick out the guy she is going to hookup with like a naughty hotwife.

However there are plenty of couples where the man actually searches for and selects the bull they bring into their relationship. Sometimes even their wives and girlfriends prefer it to be that way, usually to save time, hassles and because it’s all about sex, not dating the guy.

Some women also enjoy it because they know the guy will be someone their husband is aching to see them fool around with.

Perks of Being a Bull

Obviously being a bull comes with its fair share of perks and not many downsides whatsoever. Not only do you get to enjoy endless amounts of sex, blowjobs and who knows what else, but you don’t need to worry about dealing with all the downsides that come with dating.

The only real downside is that you’ll need to adapt to what a couple is into. That could be any number of things from having your pic taken and being on video with them to being asked to talk dirty during your encounters. That all depends on the couple but totally comes with the territory.

Are You Ready to Become One?

Now that you know what a cuckold bull is and what the scene is all about; do you think you’re ready to become one or is it not your cup of tea. Share your thoughts and experiences!

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