Cuckold Cocksuckers

Cuckold Cocksuckers

Some guys aren’t just cuckold but are full blown cuckold cocksuckers and they deserve to be in their own category.

Contrary to popular belief not all men into cuckolding want to play with another guy’s dick or are secretly gay and on that same token not all cuckoldress women want to watch their husband or boyfriend sucking their lover’s dicks.

Than there are those of you cucky men who just can’t stop thinking about blowing a juicy fat dick. You’re the cuckold cocksuckers of the group. Sure you love watching your woman getting off with a real man and seeing the ways in which he can please her that you’ll never be able to.

But and it’s a BIG BUT, your mind and eyes always end of focusing on that thick dick pumping in and out of her mouth and other sweet spots.

Cuckold Cocksuckers Deserve Humiliation

Don’t deny it! You know you keep thinking about sucking cock or maybe even already are a full on dick blower and hey if you and your owner aka wife are into that – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

She as well as we already know that you’re one of the lowliest forms of a cuckold and deserve to be used even harder and in more humiliating ways.

For example, think about special training for cocksuckers, being the one who lubricates her lover’s cock before she takes him inside of her and of course clean up — creampie cleanup that is. Want some online training? Come chat with a cuckold cam couple like us.

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7 thoughts on “Cuckold Cocksuckers

  1. I love it my wife had a strong handsome muscular black lover that is my friend and body guard and beats up bullies who bother me and enjoys having sex with my wife.I am a weakling and a wimp so if a large muscular well hung black guy wanted my gorgeous wife he can have her.I love it some handsome dark skinned black guy who is a superstud having sex with my wife.

  2. My Wife (along with a lot of my Female friends over the years) has known that I am secretly gay since We met (maybe not so secret?). She’s incredible – just accepted it from the word go. We are deeply in love with each other and accepting that other men would be part of Our marriage was just the most natural thing in the world. We were/are both totally in sync with each other’s needs.

    Obviously She needs real men to satisfy Her. And to me Her pleasure, Her sexual, emotional and psychological satisfaction and welfare is EVERYTHING. It’s all I live for.

    I am utterly devoted to Her and Worship Her blindly (obviously this is a totally Female led relationship).

    I am allowed to give myself to men when She gives me permission, and have been allowed to choose a mate for gay ‘marriage’.

    I am expected to serve Her regular mate with utter obedience – wash and iron His clothes, run errands for him, etc (and even massage him).

    Through all this We (Her and I) share a beautiful, loving relationship and life together in so many ways (there is lots of intimacy but it is accepted that I am Female in my sexual needs).

    It can be considered a ‘bizarre’ situation, and I have no doubt that most will find it such. But it works for Us. And has for a long time.

    1. Thanks for the great story Steve. It’s just more proof that everyone is different and every couple needs to find their own way to make it work.

  3. My wife of 6 years was recently seduced by a new neighbor (a divorced man much older than us) in our quiet neighborhood. Now, she wants me to grant her her freedom to continue the affair, with my permission. Her lover is a more aggressive and bold individual than I am. This all does excite me and Cindy knows it. Does this make me a ‘cuckold’? What are the advantages and possible pitfalls going forward?

    1. If you accept it and move forward then of course it makes you a cuckold but if you are okay with the situation and like her getting what she needs from another man then you should be just fine.

      Communication will keep the pitfalls away.

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