Masturbate Thinking About Your Wife?

Masturbate thinking about your wife

That’s the topic of conversation today. Do you masturbate thinking about your wife? Better yet do you jack it thinking about your wife with other men or cheating on you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are part of a fetish group known as cuckold or wife-watching or even hotwifing. You may or may not have known that better but either way the same applies to the fact that most guys rarely fantasize about their wives so your wife should consider herself lucky in that sense!

So ladies if you’re reading this because your man just trusted you with his secret fantasy then you’re in luck. Odds are if you’re with a guy that masturbates thinking about YOU than you won’t need to worry about him cheating on you because that’s not something that would turn him on!

Masturbate Thinking About Your Wife?

Is this one of your favorite fantasies? Let us know if you often find yourself stroking away thinking about your wife and all the naughty things you’d like her to do. Also give us some juicy details such as; would you want to watch, join in or just have her do it behind your back and fill you in later.

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23 thoughts on “Masturbate Thinking About Your Wife?

  1. thinking about my wife fucking other mens is about the only think i like getting off to anymore. i want to watch her gangbang multiple men. i would join in to. it is a huge turn on for me thinking about my wife coming home to me after getting pounded by a huge cock, taking his massive cum load deep inside her pussy. as soon as she gets home she takes off her panties hikes up her skirt and strattles my face so i can taste

  2. Whenever I masturbate I only think about my wife with another man. This really turns me on and jealousy is not something that I feel. After almost 25 years of marriage, I have decided that I have to tell her.

      1. That’s how it started with my first husband. I cuckolded him and his 6.5 inches because he wanted me to have bigger cock. I told him about some of my other well hung BF’s and how much I liked their big cocks. That really turned him on. I was shocked that he wanted to share me at first, but after our first encounter went so well I really wanted to keep doing it. I had so much big cock that I rarely let him fuck me and I jerked him off quite a bit telling him how much I needed Steve’s 9.5 inch cock! Fun times!

  3. Yes I masturbate thinking about her doing very nasty things with other guys. I fantasize watching her getting a DP and sucking another dick while I masturbate like crazy. This really turns me on since she is so sexy and thinking about her in those situations is so exciting for me.

      1. Not totally, she knows I would like to have a trio, which is something we fantasize about but not much aware of this other thing with so many guys.

    1. its a thought i cant stop thinking about turns me on like no other . i do imagine its her 1st time with the guy cheating on me . thoughts of them kissing then him opening her legs n her ullinh his face into her pussy . cumming in his mouth . then his cock sliding inside her . him fucking her . his cock falls out n her putting it back in .

  4. I would love to watch my blonde wife get fucked by a guy with a nice big cock. I already clean my own cum off of her and out of her. It would be an honor to lick another mans cum off of my wife and lick her pussy clean of him….. I am rock hard just thinking about it…..

  5. Forgot to mention. I have shared this desire with my wife multiple times. At first she ignored it or just said stop it. Not anymore she doesn’t ignore it, she giggles and tells me “your crazy”. Am I making progress for her to do it?

  6. My wife has fucked other men and it just gets me so horny knowing she is unfaithful to me ,it makes me feel like less of a man. I have always been faithful to her in our marriage. As far as masturbation, if I show the desire for sex and she is not in the mood she makes me jack-off for her.

    1. I have jerked off for years with her panties over my face. I lick the stains out. I finally figured out that i was actually licking and eating another guys cum from her panties. I still jerk off about it.

  7. Yes I masturbate every day when I think about my wife having sex with other men. She travels a lot and I imagine her being in her hotel room with another man or men and I get rock hard thinking about it. I have asked her to actually do this and she says she could never be with another man but she is ok with me fantasizing about it. I have told her it is more than a fantasy I want her to date and possibly fuck other men but she still says no.

  8. My wife has cuckold me after twenty years of begging. My dick is now limp and I jack my soft dick to videos she has made for me. He doesn’t want me around as he fucks my wife. I would never cheat on her she is my beautiful wife and I have licked the cum from her pussy many times. She also has gave her boyfriend her ass something I never had. I love the humiliation of it and I think her boyfriend knows I clean up her pussy after him. It make me so hard thinking everyone knows what a nasty cuckold I am.

  9. I always masturbate thinking about my wife with other guys, last time she did it she sucked her date off and when he cum in her mouth she swalled it all, that was so good.Tonight she has a hot date and she is gonna make sure he fills up her pussy with lots of his cum. I cant wait until she is finished and she tells me all about it and shows me the pictures of her cum filled pussy, it will be the best present she can give me

  10. Every time I see other men checking out my wife I want to fuck her right then and there dam it turns me on.

  11. My wife just completely dismissed my concerns when her best friend’s husband told her she should ditch me for him, in front of me. After he prepared all of her favorite foods for a visit she was making to their home for an extended weekend. NVM his wife (my wife’s best friend) is extremely ill and spends most of her days in bed.

    My wife is a very attractive, smart, successful 61 y/o woman, who was a cheerleader in HS and has retained her shape. She earns more than twice what I earn. When other men see her, she turns heads, brunette, very nice breasts, gorgeous firm legs and an ass that stirs the desire to mate her.

    I often find myself checking her panties for semen stains (I know what they look like and do to the crotch of a woman’s panties). Her worn panties smell so good when I take them from her dirty clothes.

    I realized I was interrupting their rendezvous when I needed to come to their same town due to an emergency. She browbeat me for losing my shit after his comment. I didn’t sleep a wink last night thinking about what was going on.

    Sadly, I just want to find a quiet place now to undress and masturbate while I imagine them together in his bed, seeing her do things to him she never does to me, making sounds with him that she never makes with me, and her being satisfied by him like she is never satisfied by me.

  12. I jerk my tiny dicklet with one finger and my thumb thinking about my wife getting fucked by a big cock all the time. I Evan told her I want to watch her with another guy. She said she would do it, just have to make it happen.

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