Realization that I was a beta cuckold

Realizing I was a beta cuckold

From the beginning there were signs pointing to my future as a beta cuckold that went unnoticed. They say hindsight is always 20-20 and this is a perfect example of just that.

Getting a Handjob for the First Time

I should have known from the point of my very first handjob, that I was destined to be a beta cuckold. At the time I was young, naive and actually thought I had a normal average size penis. Totally wrong.

Example of a beta penis.

To me I was just a normal dude about to hookup with my girlfriend and she was gonna jack me off. Needless to say I was pumped up and more than eager for it to happen. Now it seems to me it was nothing more than non-stop signs trying to alert me of my cuckold status in life.

What follows are a couple of those signs.

Sign #1: The Bermuda Triangle Tug

When it began something was a bit off though. Her reaction wasn’t what I had anticipated and the way she took hold of my dick was a bit odd as well. She did this kind of, three fingers over the top triangle thing, where she just kinda grabbed at it. Definitely not the up and down motion you’d expect with a handjob.

Sign #2: Premature Ejaculating

Even though she wasn’t giving me the normal type of handjob, I still enjoyed feeling someone other than myself or my mattress touching my cock. Apparently even a weird HJ can work wonders on a cucky cocklette because I premature ejaculated.

Literally within minutes of her starting the Bermuda Triangle Tug I started squirming and ended up suffering an embarrassing bout of premature ejaculation. Great, so now I not only got the tiny dick equivalent of a handjob but also went straight minute man from it. That’s not even the worst of it though.

In the next room over, my friend was hooking up with his girlfriend. The major difference being that we could hear him fucking her hand with his big cock. It was like a real life comparison taking place, showing me that I was the small penis packing cuckold beta and he was a hung alpha. How could I not see the writing on the wall?!

At the time I had no idea about all of what was happening but it should’ve stuck out to me. Now with more life experience under my belt I have come to realize that I was just a beta cuckold from the start. It’s so embarrassing thinking back knowing that my girlfriend at the time was thinking to herself, “Wow this dick is way different than my last boyfriend!”

Now I’ll forever be a cuckold beta bitch. I just accept it now.

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