Cuckold Creampies and the Taboo Surrounding It

Cuckold Creampies

A topic that has long been a part of the fetish community, cuckold creampies have only just started to come to surface.

It is still an incredibly taboo topic even for those that are into sharing their wives because it often involves plenty of different variables, all of which are not agreed upon or practiced by everyone into the cuckolds life.

Some guys and of course women too, think that it is something that should never be a part of the scene, others like the look and even some others clean up the evidence. Confused yet? Let us delve further into the fetish realm of cuckold creampies.

Cuckold Creampies Defined

For starters cuckold creampies are simply a slang term for a vagina that has been filled with the semen of another man — not the husband or boyfriend. Pie is a slang term for pussy and cream is a way to describe cum. When you add to the two together you get Creampie!

Creampies: Variations of the Fetish

The variations of what people find erotic in this realm of fetish fun is where the conflicts begin. Of course in the real world there would never be a conflict because no one would talk about this openly but on the internet people are free to feud privately in online message boards and forums.

I’m going to breakdown the different types of cuckold creampie fetishes and it should be crystal clear why some are uncomfortable with the desires of others or in the least don’t want to be lumped in and labeled as someone who does the same as another person — you’ll see why.

The Voyeur

The first group of creampie enthusiasts would be the guys who simply like seeing their partner sexually satisfied and filled by another man’s load.

Sloppy Seconds

Next up are the men who enjoy being able to have sex with their wives after the other man has finished inside of her. Many times this is referred to as sloppy seconds but some also enjoy sloppy seconds minus the prior guy ejaculating inside of her.

Cuckold Creampie Cleaner

This group is the most taboo and controversial of them all because they incorporate all out submission and humiliation with bisexual undertones into the mix. The cuckold creampie cleaner is the guy who not only wants to watch it happen and see the end results but he also wants to perform oral sex on his partner immediately afterwards.

After the other man has ejaculated into and on his wife or girlfriend the creampie cleaner will literally want to lick, suck and swallow up all evidence that it happened. It may be shocking to some but it’s completely true and real. Would you eat a creampie?

Final Thoughts

I know that was probably a lot to swallow — pun intended.  I’m sure however that now you can tell there is a lot of variance in the world of cuckold creampies or better yet something known as a cuckold creampie exists for many of you.

These differences of what is erotic or sexually exciting is what makes this group want to distance them from one another yet they are quite similar in many respects.

But I don’t think anyone can argue that if you’re a guy who simply likes sharing your wife you probably wouldn’t want people to assume you also are into the same things as the cuckold creampie cleaner.

Cuckold Cam

2 thoughts on “Cuckold Creampies and the Taboo Surrounding It

  1. I used to live with a woman who cheated on me once or twice during the month. It was always obvious that she’d been cheating with a fresh bite mark, and almost always she had on soaking wet panties. As angry as I’d be when she got home she made all those feelings go away as she cooed how sorry she was, and that she’d never do anything to hurt me, then she’d pull my face down between her soaked thighs and make me eat her out.

    She didn’t have to try very hard because as angry as I’d be, going down on her with the evidence that she’d been such a naughty girl turned me on more than anything. Sometimes I think she looked forward to me eating her after as much or more than the cheating part. I never understood my feelings back then (40 years ago) and now thanks to the internet I realize that there are millions of others like me out there. I’ve tried to get my wife interested in it, but she has no desire. Just thought I’d share this.

  2. My X used to fuck other men, some I knew about and other I didn’t. Now one time when I was sure she’d been fucked, usually by her telling me she was meeting a male friend for drinks and smelling her cock breath when she came home, It is amazing how extraordinarily turned on it made me. My cock would pulse as I thought about her cum laden pussy and my hand would be shaking as I slid it down her pants.

    Once I kissed down her nipples to her stomach and started to go lower and she grabbed my head and said, “You know what’s down there. You shouldn’t be wanting to lick me now. It’s not manly, in fact I would think you might be gay. So please just fuck me OK?”
    I did fuck her and god it felt like liquid silk in there. I didn’t last long and stayed hard and fucked her again, but she never could orgasm with just intercourse. I tried and tried, but being young you just don’t know how to ( at least today it’s all over the net ). Anyway, she never let me know after that so I was left guessing. It’s too bad too cause she pretty much could make me, or make me promise to do anything to feel that sloppy seconds again.

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