What is a Cuckold?

What is a cuckold?

Lately the word Cuckold has been popping up online, on TV and even in magazines. It seems as if everyone is into cuckolding but in reality most people are left wondering what a cuckold even is. Below I’m going to do my best to define it and explain what it means in current times.

Don’t worry you’re not alone if you’re clueless about the topic. It certainly shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that most people do not know anything about the topic of cuckolding. Some men that could be considered one, don’t even realize it because they haven’t been exposed to the term either. So let’s get to it!

Cuckold Defined

There are basically two definitions when it comes to the word cuckold; the historical definition and what it means currently in regards to the sexual fetish. Keep in mind, this word has been around since the 13th century. Needless to say times have changed a great deal.

Historically a cuckold is a man that has an unfaithful wife. He wouldn’t know a thing about the affairs taking place in most circumstance, although other people often would. Back in the day the term meant nothing more than that and had nothing to do with anything fetish or fantasy related.

There are some instances of course where the husband would know about his wife cheating and would stay in the relationship for appearances or because he was too weak to leave.

Even according to the dictionary the historical definition of a cuckold is:

A man whose wife is unfaithful.

However the modern day fetish related definition is much different although technically incorporates the old with the new in a way.

Modern Cuckold Definition

The modern era has brought in tons of changes in the ways we live and that means sexually as well. This is basically what has happened with the word cuckold — it has changed its meaning over time.

Nowadays a cuckold could be defined as men (married or not) that knowingly are in relationships with women that have sex with other men. Unlike the cucks of yesterday, these guys not only know about it but typically they are the ones trying to convince their girlfriend or wife to get into it.

Modern Cuckold Definition

Someone could also say that a cuckold is a man in a relationship with a woman that has sex with others, while the husband is present and watching. Many cuckolds enjoy seeing their wife hookup with another man. Often times they will take pics, videotape the action or get in on it too.

Tons of people think that this is the same as being swingers but it really is not. A cuckold is usually not allowed to sleep with other women, even though his spouse can.

Believe it or not many couples even pick the new partners together! The reason for this is because usually the cuckolding wife doesn’t want to lose her husband but rather she wants to stay with him and enjoy the sexual freedom the relationship provides. After all you can’t truly have a cuckold relationship if you’re single, although you probably could under some circumstances.

Nature of a Cuckold

A cuckold is a voyeur by nature and his fetish is typically always about seeing his wife pleasured in one form or another. He derives his pleasure from seeing hers. So it is much more about her personal preferences and desires than his because he simply wants to see her enjoying herself. That’s not all! Cuckolds come in tons of varieties ranging from bisexual guys to men that love humiliation.

This is why a certain stereotype can’t be placed on the cuckold because the only things they desire are watching their wives with other men, hearing about the fun they have and seeing them being brought pleasure by someone other than themselves.

If you’re in a cuckold relationship or fantasize about it, please your comments and experiences in the comments below. Everyone wants to hear them!

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11 thoughts on “What is a Cuckold?

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    2. Excellent post, but I wanted to comment on this part: A traditional cuckold is a man who has an unfaithful wife. He learns of such but continues on with the marriage at hand. He hides his jealousy and stays within the relationship because it works. He is ashamed in many ways and is private about such. Throughout history this has been the standard in defining the name cuckold. Today there is a new term, which I call the modern cuckold. Actually, a traditional cuckold does not know, and did not accept or acquiesce when they found out. A man who does know is traditionally known as a wittol, derived from the middle English words/spellings for wise (as in knowing ) and cuckold.Your modern cuckold seems to me to be a species of wittol.

  1. Sorry, I meant on-site.and my wife has a lover because I can’t satisfy her. But we agreed when she comes home she is always my wife.

    1. As somebody who has been a cukcold multiple times, I want my woman to be happy. Even if it means somebody else’s dick making her happy! The more inches, the better. I wouldn’t even mind if it was too many inches maybe enough to make her regret the decision to look elsewhere for her pleasure. If she was fucked hard enough by a huge dick, maybe that pain would make her think about my dick next time she needed her holes filled!

  2. You better be careful Dru…most men don’t realise their wives or girlfriends are playing around on the side but they are…some men know but choose to ignore it. When i suspected my second wife of playing around, instead of ignoring it or confonting her about it, i simply started suggesting that it might be fun to watch her with another man. When she asked me why, i told her that it looked like fun times in some of the videos we had seen and i wouldn’t mind shareing her with someone some time. After a few weeks she warmed up to the idea and we started having threesomes with a few different guys and it was all good exept the “friends” of hers that i knew she was fucking before our threesomes were off limits to our new bedroom activities. I’m pretty sure she wanted to include them but was affraid i would find out she was fucking them already. To make a long story short…she spent more time off fucking these guys and not so much at home where i could watch and we drifted apart and now i have another relationship with another woman which works out very well because i laid all the cards on the table when i met her. She enjoys being a cuckoldress and takes it to all levels of play…from threesomes, to me just watching, to chastity, cleanup, and beyond. So if you don’t want to lose your wife, then you better have her start bringing them home and fucking them while you watch or some day she will just leave.

  3. I have read that cuckolding is a lifestyle and not a fetish which makes more sense to me. I also have my doubts about guys claiming they become cuckolds because they want to see their wives pleased. Cut the BS. These guys do it cause THEY are getting off on it! It is not for the wife’s benefit it is for their own benefit if they are the ones who initiated it. If the wife initiated it then it is for her benefit regardless if the guy likes the idea or not. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Cuckolds come in endless varieties. Plenty of them do want to see their wives pleased while also getting off on it especially guys with extremely small penises. Obviously none of them would mention it to their wife or girlfriend if they didn’t like the idea but ultimately it would be up to her to decide if she also enjoyed the idea.

      Some guys have a cuckold fetish and some turn that into a lifestyle for sure but just as many only hookup with others on occasion, like while on vacation for example. However there are far too many variations to pin them all down to one category.

  4. I have been thinking of asking my wife to cuckold me but I don’t know how to tell her. I ask her to bring me home her pussy filled with cum so I can fuck her used pussy. but I don’t think that she understands what I mean. If I say semen then she might get really made so I haven’t said that yet. I haven’t had sex with her for almost a year hoping she would fuck some one else but it hasn’t worked yet.

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