Cuckoldress vs Hotwife

Cuckold vs Hotwife

You have probably heard the terms cuckoldress and hotwife thrown around when you lookup anything related to the topic. It is safe to say they have something to do with the cuckold fetish but what exactly are they.

Well now is the time to find out because we are going to breakdown the differences and do a comparison so you can determine how to pick the right one. No need to worry about this one because it is so simply to explain that you’ll never be confused again after this.

Cuckoldress vs Hotwife Comparison

A cuckoldress is woman that is into and open to taking part in the cuckold lifestyle but is not your wife. She could be someone you date or just someone that uses you like a cucky without strings attached. Often time a cuckoldress will be much more into female domination and humiliation than a hotwife.

Hot wives on the other hand are obviously married women that either cuckold their husband or they take part in “wife watching” or “hotwifing”. Whether or not they are dominant or into anything other than hooking up with other men all depends on what they couple is into.

See how easy that was? Now you will always know the difference between a cuckoldress vs a hotwife. Good luck finding which one is best for you because they are both hot!

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