Big dick feels better to your hotwife

Hotwife is excited about bigger dick.

Some guys will hate hearing it but big dicks do feel better when it comes to sex, so that means it definitely will to your wife. It doesn’t have to be a guy packing 12 inches, any guy with a dick in the 7 inches and up range feels amazing. For those of you under that size, reading that may be a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth.

A dick smaller than that just feels boring. I mean you know it’s there but it always leaves you unsatisfied and frustrated. The sex is boring and cumming is only an option if you do it yourself because a small dick can’t make it happen from sex alone.

So as a cuckold you should always keep in mind that once your hotwife experiences a bigger dick she will always want more of it. If that turns you on then you’re in luck!

If the idea of your wife taking big dick turns you on then you should come talk dirty about it with me and see if you really like hearing about how much better and more filling it is.

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One thought on “Big dick feels better to your hotwife

  1. A big dick feels better and is better.
    Anything said contrary to that is propaganda by the little dick brigade and their clueless partners.
    x Lisa

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