Premature Ejaculating Cuckold Gets Dumped

Premature ejaculating cuckold got dumped

As if having a small penis wasn’t bad enough, I was dumped for premature ejaculating like a loser.

One of my last chances to prove myself as something other than a tiny dick cuckold with Alyssa arrived and she had on a schoolgirl skirt and tiny lingerie at the time. I got to her house and she answered the door in her sexy attire already on.

I immediately was hard before she could touch it, I ran to her room with her and she yanked off my pants and my boner popped out and was bouncing all over. She said “stick it in me big boy” jokingly and I went to get her from behind but couldn’t get it in on my own!

One Pump Was All She Wrote

When Alyssa reached back to grab my cock and guide it in her pussy I got close to coming when she grabbed it and then once inside I did one thrust and started premature ejaculating. I tried to tell her I was cumming already but before I could complete my second thrust and hold it in, I sputtered it onto her right ass cheek like a loser cuckold with a premature ejaculation problem to top it off.

I apologized immediately and tried to start eating out her wet pussy but it was too late for that and then I got flaccid too. I was sent home by 8 and that night she ended up going out and getting fucked by a BBC.

I found out months later that she had cuckolded me before she officially even dumped me. Now I just jerk off my small cucky cock while thinking about her enjoying big dicks.

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