Virgin Turned Cuckold in One Relationship

Virgin turned cuckold

I was excited to have a real girlfriend but didn’t realize that I’d end up cheated on, humiliated and made a cuckold in such a short period of time.

This was my first real girlfriend, my second one but first in terms of being somewhat older and just into college. It wasn’t long into the relationship that she had soon taken my virginity via a three finger (two plus a thumb) tug job and I came in my boxers.

Later that week she shoved me on my back and rode my boinging cock and I lasted a few minutes at most. She was so nice for so long letting me always try to have sex with her perfect pussy palace and sometimes even attempt giving me blowjobs.

Alyssa Cheated on Me Like a Beta

What I didn’t realize is while I was getting a chance per week or so, my ex Alyssa was out fucking a black guy named Nate that she worked with. Later on she was hooking up with a former schoolmate who was known to have a big cock and was called the “big stick” in school. Imagine being me and finding all of this out.

Alyssa also gave two known blowjobs to two other guys but eventually admitted to cheating with the original black guy and confessed it to me, though she didn’t admit everything she had done. She cried and was sorry so I didn’t let it stop the relationship and kept dating her like a cuckold, I realize now looking back.

Instead of Breaking Up I Got Cucked

She eventually let me do doggy style to try it out and I ping ponged in and out of the ass cheeks and came onto legs trying to control my cocklette. I tried to act like it was precum and go back in but my cocklette got flimsy and just scrunched up against her soft pussy. I tried to eat her out for a while but she was bored. She said “that’s okay sweetie” and we cuddled instead.

Three weeks later I was officially dumped. She was still fucking the schoolmate and then later married his big cock. This was the second dumping as I originally was dumped after the first month when I didn’t know how to have sex but then got another chance and was taught or attempted to be shown.

Virgin got cuckolded

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After that a year of cuckolding occurred but I was too dumb to know until looking back and finding out more about how life works when you have a tiny cock.

Thanks to Goddess Jennifer, Princess Lexi and the SYTD sorority sisters I know my place now and know if I ever see Alyssa again I would apologize, buy her and her big cock drinks and then offer to be their cucky cleanup fluffer on call for rest of my life. And that’s how I went from being a virgin to cuckolded all in one relationship.

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