Hubby Wants to Share Me. Is He Gay?

My husband wants to share me, is he gay?

Recently my husband revealed that he wants to share me with other men. At first I was shocked and thought he was joking but he said it’s his biggest fantasy.

After we spoke some more about it he said he even fantasized about performing oral sex on the other man to prepare him for me.

Now that was a bit surprising because he’s never shown any interest towards other men. Does this mean he is gay or at least bisexual or what? Please help!

Your Hubby Wants to Share You?!

Wow it sounds like your husband dropped quite the bit of information on you and much of it wasn’t what you were expecting. However do realize this doesn’t mean your husband is going to run off with another man in the middle of the night.

He’s Probably Not Gay at All or Is He…

Odds are it’s all a part of his fantasy and he never thinks of men in other respect sexually. Try talking to him about it and I’m sure you’ll most likely have him tell you just that.

Many guys that are into sharing their wives simply find their wives so sexually stimulating and feel so lucky to be married to them that they are willing to do whatever it takes to please their partner.

In your husband’s case he probably enjoys the idea of you getting the most pleasure possibly even if it means he has to give another man oral to make that happen. It’s a sign of submission to you in a way – it’s just a highly sexualized version of it.

Just to clear the air, I’d ask him straight up if he’d give a guy a blowjob even if you didn’t hook up with him. If he says yes then he’s probably gay or leaning towards it and if he says no, then he’s just fantasizing like I described earlier. Good luck!

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