Time I Shared My Wife with a Buddy

Shared my wife with a buddy

It was quite the journey there but after 5 years of trying I finally shared my wife with my buddy. I still can’t believe it happened, I mean after all this involved my wife spreading her thighs for someone other than me. As you can imagine it was difficult to get there but well worth the wait.

When I first mentioned it years prior she was totally against it but all those years of talking dirty to each other must of opened her up to the fact that I really did want this and was okay with it if she liked the idea too.

She thought it was all some ploy to bang other women or that I’d get jealous but she realized that wasn’t the case. Hard to imagine someone getting jealous or hating a situation when they are raging hard and barely hold back from busting a nut when they talk about it!

My Wife and My Buddy?

When she first opened up to the idea and we spoke about it, we realized how difficult it was gonna be to actually find someone and not have to worry about all the nasty shit in the world. Our concern made us soon rule out strangers if we wanted to do it in the near future. So we ended up deciding on a recently divorced male friend of mine.

I knew him for years and he was a good guy. His wife actually left him for another man, which sucks, so I thought he might be perfect for the situation. My wife agreed so long as would never say a word to anyone. Soon I was finding myself rock hard, at my friends house a couple days later, talking to him about it over a couple beers. He thought I was joking but after throwing back a few he opened up and told me how much he loved her big tits and hadn’t had sex in almost 7 months. Perfect!

It was about a week later we finally all met up at our place and decided to do some drinking that Saturday and see where things went. My wife is a bit of a lightweight so she ended up tipsy as did we and somehow we all ended up dancing to some music, which I seized and went to the couch to watch them continue.

Before I knew it they were making out on the couch and groping at each other. All I could do is stare and get harder as their clothes started coming off.

My fantasy was coming true as I saw his cock pop out and she quickly grabbed it and started stroking, eventually even sucking him off in front of me. Unfortunately she didn’t let him lick her pussy but within 10 minutes he was thrusting balls deep into my wife. It was incredibly hot to see her spreading those legs for my friend and he was more than eager to give her everything he had.

Considering it had been awhile for him, it didn’t last as long as I had hoped but I got to watch a good 10 minutes of him pounding her in front of my very eyes and cumming all over her stomach. My wife even got to cum by rubbing herself off while he pounded her. I still can’t shake the image.

My shared wife fantasy became a reality that night and hopefully more nights like that will be in our future.

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