I’m a Cuckold Stud and Wife Lover

I'm a cuckold stud and wife lover.

I admit it, I’m a young cuckold stud and wife lover. There’s something about older married women that drive me crazy.

Absolutely nothing and I mean nothing, turns me on more than watching some guy sit back with a boner as he watches me pound his wife and use her in ways he wishes he could.

Right now I’m only 22 but it doesn’t stop me from trying to get into the panties of every sexy wife I come across. I’ve been on a million swingers sites, forums and now I’m on here getting on my webcam talking to married guys about their wives, checking them out and showing off how big this wife pumper is in my pants.

You see the thing for me is I don’t want to just have sex with your wife, I want to get some of her hot mouth, her pussy and get her in as many positions as I can in front of you.

22 Year Old Cuckold Stud Wants YOUR Wife

Some guys just want to have sex and bolt, not me. I want to enjoy every second of it and make sure you see every bit of it too, cuckold. My dick gets rock solid when I’m pinning some cuckold’s head down to his wife’s hot slit, while I thrust into her or my personal favorite is having her sit right on his face while I slam this deep dick up into her over top of your face.

You know these big bull balls are going to be slapping your face and her pussy but you’ll suck up and deal with it; literally.

If you’re one of these guys that wants to hear what I’d do to your wife, want to show her off to me and see me beat off over the thought of doing her then come hook up with me. Those in my local area can even get more than what you bargained for if your wife is up for it. I’m sure she will be after she see’s this.

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