First Time Sharing Your Wife

sharing your wife

The first time sharing your wife can be as exciting as it is nerve-racking. After all you are about see the love of your life enjoying another man’s penis right before your very eyes. So you should be a bit nerved up it’s normal.

But before you dive right in make sure this is something that both of you truly want to do. If either of you has any doubts whatsoever then stop right now and forget about it and go back to enjoying the fantasy. After all some low lighting, dirty talking and sex toys or having her use dildos can make it seem more real then you can even imagine.

However if you are both sure about it, you should move on to laying some ground rules and finding that perfect guy to meet up with. Think about starting slow, like for example maybe the first time just watch your girl making out or jacking another guy off or even as much as giving him some hot head while you sit tugging your dick like a fiend.

Starting with something like this at least gives you an exit strategy if you two can’t handle it. If either of you decides you don’t want to have full on cuckold sex, you can have it end with a hand job or a blow job before it goes any further.

Sharing Your Wife

Ultimately sharing your wife for the first time is a huge step and the most difficult one because after the first time it only gets easier. Just make sure that your wife, most importantly, wants to do this and doesn’t feel pressured by you or it’ll come back to get you in a not so nice way.

Remember it’s more about her pleasure than it is your enjoyment in watching her. Let her lead the way while you feel things out and support her. After all you’re talking about sharing your wife with a stranger!

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  1. I would like to share my wife but she is not sure to do it, she is a little bit courious to do it. Do you think i can push her to do it or i need to wait for her request?

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