Trying to My Get Girlfriend to Use Dildos

Get her to use dildos

Right now I’m currently in the process of trying to get my girlfriend to use dildos. We’ve been together for 3 years now and have lived with each other for 2 of them, so we are definitely comfortable with each other. In fact we are engaged to get married this summer!

Everything is cool with our relationship and I’m lucky enough that she is okay with my wife sharing fantasies and all the cuckold stuff I go on with. She talks dirty to me about it, plays along with some bedroom games but I’ve yet to get her to use a dildo – you know like one of those realistic ones.

I’ve brought it up but she says she doesn’t want to because if it’s bigger or feels good, I might get jealous. Do you think she just doesn’t want to or if she means what she says how can I convince her I won’t.

Get Her to Use Dildos Without Being a Dick

Clever title, right? Just teasing, you’re not being a dick at all. It sounds as if she is in fact worried you might get jealous and maybe even that she will like it a bit too much if she feels something new. Which you may or may not like the idea of.

Women like to buffer themselves from potential problems, it’s in our nature. So you need to take away the doubt from her mind that you’ll be upset or all of the bedroom fantasy fun you’ve been having won’t turn into misery. Just be open and honest.

What I’d suggest is you consider a few different thing. For starters suggest getting a realistic dildo that is smaller than you are. Do your research, you’ll be able to find any size you want. Another suggestion is telling her that you don’t mind if she likes it and you want her to.

Also make sure she knows you won’t be jealous and promise nothing will change at all — and mean it. I’m sure once she sees your okay with it and serious about what you say, she will open up and start to use dildos during your private time occasionally or maybe more.

If she’s not open to the idea you can always get into some cuckold dirty talk and watch one of us on cam using our sex toys.

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2 thoughts on “Trying to My Get Girlfriend to Use Dildos

  1. I understand where you are tough my situation is a little different. I thought I was straight till I was 19 and came out waving the bi banner but when I was 21 I fell in love with my first and only girlfriend. She’s a gold star and was cheated on by all her past girlfriends with men. So in the beginning it was hard for both of us. I feel for her more than I have ever felt for another human being. It wasn’t until about 6 months into our relationship that I thought, “Hey I think.I’m gay.”

    Men are handsome to me, but emotionally I feel boxed. I told her I think I’m lesbian and she told me great because she hated me being bi. Now its been awhile since we’ve done anything sexually. Or I’m feeling particularly paranoid I have dreams about sex with penis. Not men just the penis. It always starts off I’m talking to a guy and then I have sex with just the penis. Even in my dreams I always go back to her.

    I don’t think you actually want sex with a guy. I think curiosity got the best of you. They make flesh dildos and strapons that are supposed to be like the real thing apparently. You are also supposed to be able to nuke them to warm them up. Hope I helped.

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