My Husband Wants to Share Me with Strangers

Husband wants to share me with strangers

After 12 years of marriage my husband confessed he wants to share me with strangers. At first I was totally taken back by it, after all I figured he would want to be with another woman as a fantasy.

We were just talking about different fantasies and thoughts when he brought this out but he said he really wants to do it.

I have never even considered cheating on him but he insists that it is not cheating if he is okay with it, joins in and watches. So basically I don’t know what to do. On one hand I want him to be sexually satisfied but I don’t want to ruin my marriage over some stupid threesome that wasn’t my idea. How should I approach this?

Share Me with Strangers… Say What?!

Well it sounds like you heard something more and more women are as of lately. Cuckolding and hot wife lifestyles or at least sexual trysts are becoming more prevalent than ever before — mainly because it has finally reached mainstream media where before it was a behind closed doors kind of thing. It is no where near a huge majority or even minority of people doing this but plenty do believe me.

I may seem puzzling and shocking to hear this from your husband but the odds are he has felt this way for some time and finally felt good enough to tell you about it. BUT on another note  this isn’t about him completely — you’re married so this involves both of you and for it to work both of you need to want this otherwise it’ll be a disaster.

So before you go any further at all, really take the time to talk it over, discuss the details about it and of course find out everything you can about this fantasy he has. Also do some personal soul searching and see what you think about it personally. Don’t do anything in a relationship that is one sided that involves sex — it has to be a mutually thing, I can’t stress that enough.

The more you communicate and learn about this fantasy he has where he wants to share you with strangers the better equipped you will be to make a real decision about whether this stays a bedroom fantasy or becomes real. I wish you the best!

Have you ever been in a situation similar to this? Share your experiences and advice with us!

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5 thoughts on “My Husband Wants to Share Me with Strangers

  1. My wife is new to cuckolding, at first l think she thought l was messing around but eventually she agreed to give it a go and l think she was surprised at my positive reaction. Tonight she will cuckold me for the third time and now she is keen to have a date tonight and she wants to go the full distance. Ive told her that l want her pussy to be filled with her dates cum and l think she wants to do that, now im hoping that she will get some regular boyfriends that she can fuck on a weekly basis, l havent quite figured out the best way to ask her to get regular weekly lovers yet im just hoping that she will slip into doing that on a regular weekly basis so that she is satisfied more often

  2. Disappointed there is so little interest in these stories, but find the other topics interesting. My wife and I were into “Polyamory” as singles before we met, so we were comfortable with “experimenting”. I get aroused by contacting potential “playmates” on the Internet for her, but she has final say.

    It is nice to learn that there are so many other men who like to “share” their wives. The “cuckold” terminology is new to me. This is very different from Swinging or Swapping. I think the term “Cuckolding” fits, except for the humiliation angle. I don’t feel humiliated at all. Jan will grin for days after sex with one of her lovers and I am glad to help provide that pleasure for her.

    Jan has a new playmate since I last wrote, but he cannot perform with a husband watching. Jan likes him, so I let her meet him at a motel or his friend’s house without me. I enjoy her adventures vicariously when she tells me what he did with her after. But not until she “proves” she actually had sex by letting me taste his semen in her vagina. I read this is called “Cleanup”, but not completely; I only need a tiny taste to know she really did it.

    With Viagra, I can sometimes manage coitus with Jan after another man excites and lubricates her. Last week, we had an evening play date for MFM with ‘Larry’, but I was feeling frisky in the morning. Jan was not. She pushed me away saying, “save it for tonight”. It seems I can’t have sex now unless I arrange an MFM threesome for her. Maybe I have become a true Cuckold. -Loran-

  3. After 30 years in a great marriage with a younger wife, My health and age prevent me from satisfying her. We talked at length about having a surrogate lover for her. Finally, we met a single gentleman on an adult website and, after exchanging emails & photos, we met him for coffee at a local cafe. It was left to my wife to make the decision.
    After 45 minutes of chatting and flirting, he wasn’t actually a total stranger. My wife, Jan invited him to follow us home. We sat on the couch and had a cocktail. They kissed and he looked at me. I gave him a nod and he removed her blouse and bra. She let us fondle her bare breasts together. “I can’t wait any longer”, she exclaimed and invited us both to the bedroom.
    It was a great experience with no jealousy nor regrets. After three years, Jan keeps four steady lovers who visit every month. Our married life has never been better.

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