What Makes a Man Cuckold: Your Thoughts

A cuckold in the making.

What makes a man desire to be a cuckold is the question that never seems to have an answer. So we thought why don’t we have a discussion about it right here and see what everyone’s thoughts are on the topic.

Of all of the guys I’ve known that have been into cuckolding or sharing their wife or whatever name you wish to put on it… They’ve all had their own unique reasons for enjoying the fantasy. So to start up this discussion, I’m going to tell you some of their reasons for wanting to be a cuckold and share their wives with other men.

Cuckold Reasons

I’ll do a break down of each guy to make things easier to follow! Lets get things started!

Jeremy: Wife Watcher

Jeremy is a married man in his mid 30s from Chicago that loves the idea of sharing his wife with other men especially guys that are extremely well hung. After quite the conversation he broke down why he wanted to watch his wife.

For him it was all about her please and how much he loved his wife. He said that he wasn’t in denial about his size or the fact that he couldn’t ever last much longer than 3 or 4 minutes when it came to sex or even oral sex for that matter.

From his perspective, his fantasy blossomed out of his desire to bring his wife as much pleasure as possible. He wanted another more than for her to have the best sex she possibly could even if that meant having sex with other men. Jeremy also added in that he has always been a bit of a voyeur and loved to watch her in the act but he wouldn’t join in on the fun until after the other man left.

Mark: Cuckold Humiliation Addict

Now Mark on the other hand was an entirely different kind of a cuckold. He loved the idea of watching his wife, filming his wife, having threesomes, creampie cleaning and even verbal humiliation.

Mark said he is definitely way more into the psychological aspects of it and when combined with seeing it all happen is almost too much to handle.

He admits that he didn’t even know about his desire to be a cuckold until after years in a committed relationship. One day he was watching some videos with his wife and a threesome scene popped up in the middle of it and from that point on he said he fantasized about sharing his wife with another man.

When asked about the humiliation and why he loves that so much he just said that there was something extremely erotic about it especially in the presence of his wife’s lover but he wasn’t quite sure where it stemmed from other than his naturally submissive nature to women.

So What Makes a Man a Cuckold?

When I say, a cuckold, I am referring to the modernized definition of it as in, any guy who desires to share, watch or have his significant other cheat on him. So what does make a man desire to be a cuckold?

Is it his lacking in the penis department? Well that can’t be because, Mark, for example provided me with picture proof that he was nearly 8 thick inches and his wife didn’t even want another man because she was sexually satisfied.

Maybe it’s a voyeuristic fetish mixed with a desire to be humiliated on some psychological level? It would be easy to say that if the humiliation factor popped up in all cuckold scenarios, but once again it doesn’t.

So what are your thoughts on why a man ends up wanting to be a cuckold or share his partner with other men? Let us know about your own experiences, thoughts and examples. We look forward to reading them all!

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5 thoughts on “What Makes a Man Cuckold: Your Thoughts

  1. I lived with a woman a long time ago that cheated on me. The funny thing was that as much as it hurt, embarrassed, and infuriated me, it turned me on to no end at the same time. She’d go out for the evening “with her friends” and wouldn’t get home until around 3am. She’d always apologize for being so late, then she’d start kissing me with the most tender kisses. Then once I would be responding to that, she’d guide my head down to her soaking wet crotch and say “you know what I want”. I’d have a raging hard-on, and I’d usually come just while eating her out. And it always seemed to me she got off on having me going down on her after she’d had sex. It was kind of a mental thing on both of our parts. My wife is not interested at all, but I miss it so much.

    1. This is very similar to the situation with my wife and I. She cheated on me after18 years of marriage with a black guy with a huge cock. It’s taken me some time to come to grips with this but I finally have. This guy is a real stud with a 10 inch cock, tremendous sexual stamina and the ability to cum multiple times. On the other hand I have a 5 inch dick usually cum quickly and only once There’s no way I can satisfy my wife the way this stud can. I rarely get to fuck my wife. When i do she is not very responsive and will ask me if I’m in yet. I now get sexual relief by masturbating while watching my beautiful wife get fucked the way she deserves by her black lover.

  2. With me is different then what is posted so far I really like seeing a Black man with My girlfriend! First it’s the contrast of the Black and White skin! Secondly I really believe most white women desire Black men sexually in my experience! Thirdly I’ve seen Black men with bigger Cocks then mine! All of this is a turn on for me! The pleasure of a BBC stretching a white Pussy is so hot! I love watching the Cum run out of her Pussy afterwards! I get a lot of appreciating from her afterwards!

  3. After thirty years of marriage, although I love my wife, I have lost interest in having sex with her. I don’t believe she is interested in having sex with me either. I feel like her pussy is too big for my little dick. We are both black and in our sixties. I have been told that because of our generation, my wife would probably not ever let me watch her with another man, but I believe that might spice things up for us.

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