Worship My Ass After Cuckolding You (JOI)

Worship my ass cuckold.

Bet you are wondering if I was cuckolding you again. Worship my ass properly and I just might tell you.

As you stare and worship my ass after coming home late last night, you can’t help but wonder. Was I out cuckolding you again or cheating on you with some guy with big dick? Maybe I was and these jerk off instructions will explain it all in great detail for you. One way for you to find out is by worshiping my ass.

Worship My Ass and Find Out

When you see that hot ass bent over you can’t look away. The thoughts flooding your mind about some other man pounding that pussy peeking out from behind. Come bury your face in my ass and inhale like a good cucky.

See for yourself. Sniff and see if it smells like I have been with another man. Get right in there and deep to see if you can smell his hard cock and balls. Can you tell if your cuckoldress has taken a creampie or not?

Cuckolding Ass Worship JOI

Could there be anything hotter than that? Of course not and to begin this JOI all you need to do is come crawling to my ass and get started. I will customize the jerk off instructions to your story or fantasy to make them the perfect mix of ass worshiping and cuckold fun.

Feel free to share all your ideas with me and we’ll make it happen.

Cuckold Cam

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