Small penises made me love being a hotwife

Small penises made me love being a hotwife.

Some guys better cover their eyes because it was small penises that led me to love being a hotwife and I can not lie.

After several years of dating men I encountered dicks of various sizes. However after experienced a hung guy I knew I was screwed, both literally and figuratively.

Having sex with a guy that has a large penis opens you up to a whole new world of pleasure. Unfortunately one that many of us do not know even exists. The only downside is once you do, there is no going back.

Once you go big you don’t go back

I knew after being banged several times by my hung lover that there was no going back to settling. A small cock would never be able to bring me to that level of sexual ecstasy. At that point it was either I marry that guy or I’d risk getting stuck with the small penises again!

He did end up breaking up with me and there I was back in the dating pool. Being a chubby girl I might add, makes the prospects of a small wiener even more frustrating. They can barely reach as it is and then after feeling a real man, it was only gonna be worse this time around.

Great guys with small penises

It happens. After what seemed like endless dates, I found a great guy but unfortunately for me, he fit into the small penises category. So now what’s a girl to do? He was attractive, had a good job and did everything he could to please me but never would sexually. Talk about a tough decision to make!

Found just what I needed!

This was when I stumbled upon the concept of being a hotwife. After watching some videos online I found one that had a title featuring the word hotwife. That got me curious, so I looked it up and found just what I had been looking for.

Now I just had to push the idea with him. Of course he didn’t like the idea of sharing me with guys rocking big cocks. After awhile though he began to warm up to it when faced with possibly losing me for good. Instead of getting dumped he decided to accept having a busty hotwife that loved playing with hung guys from time to time, both offline and online.

Although a dissatisfaction with small penises led me to hotwifing, it all worked out for the best in the end. I know my cuckold would agree.

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