Are cuckoldresses ever married women?

Are cuckoldresses ever married women?

If you are here you’re probably wondering if cuckoldresses are ever married women. The short answer is YES.

In plenty of instances married women can be a cuckoldress. This is because anyone can cuckold a man. A woman who is married can be one but it’s not a requirement that she is, if that makes sense. The main point is that cuckoldresses can be single or married.

Married Cuckoldresses?

Earlier there was a great article about the differences between a hotwife vs cuckoldress, which goes over various differences between the two. However it all boils down to the fact that a married or single woman can become one if she wants to.

The funny thing is, if a woman cheats on her husband she would also technically be known as one whether she planned on it or not. After all in the modern sense any woman that has any sort of sexual contact with a guy that isn’t her husband or boyfriend is a cuckoldress.

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