Thrill of Being Watched Having Sex

Thrill of Being Watched Having Sex

There is just something so naughty, so risky and definitely exciting about being watched having sex. We enjoy the idea of people watching us in general but our favorite role play or fantasy is having another man watch us as if he is my boyfriend or husband.

The idea of him being so attracted to me that he’d be willing to watch as some hung stud had his way with my body is so erotic and stimulating in more ways than just physically. I can be pretty sexually open so thinking about talking to my man while I am getting thrust into by another man is high on my list as well.

Getting Verbal While Being Watched

If you’re wondering what I mean, it would be something like you are watching me get pounded by this stud and I am telling you how good it is, how much better he is and describing how it feels. Sometimes even the idea of instructing my man to jerk off or eat me out while I am with my lover is hot too.

So tell me, would you like to be my pretend husband or boyfriend while you watch us having sex? The real question should be; could you handle it?

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