When Your Wife Won’t Cuckold You

Wife won't cuckold you

Although many guys are into it, often times your wife won’t cuckold you no matter how badly you want it.

Whether it is due to religious views, her being a modest person, a lack of sexual desire or simply because she thinks it is messed up, it can extremely difficult to get her passed any one of those issues.

Odds are you wouldn’t be reading this anyway, if you had any chance whatsoever.

Sure you can try different things to up your odds but if she is true to her convictions than odds are you are going to embark on an uphill battle. As a cuckold-wannabe you must realize that just because you’re into the idea it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else you know will be.

When Your Wife Won’t Cuckold You

For starters you can always go for the unthinkable and try harder to get her into it but I suggest you don’t because it’ll most likely lead to far bigger problems than you bargained for. Instead you’ll have to do what millions of men do to get their fix; find an alternative.

By alternative I don’t mean to run out and start cheating, booking hookers and going crazy. Instead I’m saying there are ways to really get into cuckolding without having to do all that crap. There are tons of women, creative men and even couples that can help quench your thirst for some cuckold action.

For example you could chat with a woman online and have her pretend to be your wife, interact with a guy and have him chat to you about your wife or go for the gusto and have a couple take on the parts of the hot guy and your wife getting it on in front of you. This is all possible over the phone and via webcam all depending on how real you want it to be.

Find someone who looks like your wife or like the man you’d love to see her with and get your cuckolding fix when your wife won’t cuckold you in real life. Trust me it’s hotter than you can even imagine.

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3 thoughts on “When Your Wife Won’t Cuckold You

  1. I love watching my wife take another man and fuck in front of me or talk shit and smack me in the face with his fat cock my wife is amazing but she thinks im gay and that i want men more than her

  2. Hi there, this exactly describes my situation. I’ve done the whole imagination thing and even chatted with others. I’ve brought up the topic to my wife for many years now. Through out those years, she’s teased me a few times making me believe that there’s a chance at it but she still hasn’t followed thru for me. She has mentioned to me, telling me she doesn’t think I’m ready for something like that or think I’d be able to handle the outcome after it’s been said and done. This makes me think she has thought of it and she would be willing. What do you all think? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  3. I have a friend with benefits and we do stuff usually and i always fill her fantasy but she said she would never involve another man in this

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