I Love Pretending to Be Your Wife

I Love Pretending to Be Your Wife

The fantasy of watching your woman enjoy another man is extremely erotic which is why I love pretending to be your wife and don’t worry my husband doesn’t mind either.

Actually both of us like knowing you’re watching everything we do together. Personally I get so turned on thinking about giving myself to a stranger while my man watches and he loves the idea of being a dominant bull that gets to enjoy in front of her husband.

Needless to say that’s what got us into playing with other guys and couples that are into wife watching, cuckolding or swinging. I’ll gladly pretend to be your wife and do so in every way I can to make it as realistic as possible for you. So if you want to see a certain outfit, shoes, hairdo or whatever just let me know.

Pretending to Be Your Wife

Just picture seeing me sucking and grinding on his big dick right in front of your face as I look back at you telling you how good he feels. You can even talk back and forth with us via microphone or even show yourself on cam.

As you can tell we can go as interactive and realistic as you can handle.
Watch me pretending to be your wife or girlfriend as I cuckold you live on cam.

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