Your husband wants to be a cuckold: How would you react?

Cuckold Reactions

How would you react when the man you’re involved with confesses that he wants to be a cuckold? Would you get grossed out, think he’s weird or would it turn you on? Read on and let’s find out. 

First of all what is a cuckold? A cuckold is a guy that actually wants to share his with other men sexually and for a variety of reasons. Some want their wife or girlfriend to experience a bigger dick so they can enjoy more pleasure and others are into it for the humiliation.

Finally another group of guys are into it because they’re secretly wanting to suck or possibly even get fucked by a big cock and they wanna live vicariously through their significant other.

So if your guy came to you wanting to become a cuckold and watch you hookup with other men; what would you do and how would you react? Brutal honesty is what we all want to hear so don’t hold back! Leave your responses below or leave your comments on our twitter post.

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