All I Think About is Sharing My Wife

All I think about is sharing my wife.

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We always love answering questions that come from our readers and this is our first one since the launch of the new site regarding sharing his wife.

Question from a Male Reader in New Jersey

I’ve noticed in the past couple years all I can think about is seeing my wife having sex with other men as I watch.

I don’t even join in or anything I just watch her as she kisses, touches, sucks and eventually has full on sex right in front of my face. Is this weird?

Well first of all realize you are not weird and neither is your recurring fantasy you’ve been having. In fact fantasies involving sharing one’s wife or even just watching her like in your case is far more common than you might imagine.

Your Fantasy is More Common Than You Think

We’ve found that most men who do have this desire typically care deeply about their partners and are extremely attracted to them as well.

So don’t beat yourself up but rather understand that because you find your wife so sexually attractive you even want her to be enjoyed by other men and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some may find it to be “weird” but that’s simply because they don’t understand.

Go ahead and just keep on enjoying the fantasy and feel free to submit your questions to us anytime!

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One thought on “All I Think About is Sharing My Wife

  1. I am in a cuckold relationship. I enjoy lusting while masterbation while I watch my wife of seven years of marriage overtime make love to other men in our marital bed. I listen to my wife scream in orgasms. Once I cum, my wife would tell me that I can leave now. So I go to the guest bedroom and listen to them make love all night. There would be time that I would come home from work and find my wife fucking another man on our bed. I just strip naked and jack off.

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