College Bull Banging Your Wife Hard

College Bull Banging Your Wife Hard

I knew long before I went to college that I loved older women but once I got there that’s when I finally experienced banging your wife.

Okay so it wasn’t your wife but it was someone’s wife and I know that for a fact because he was there watching like a good cuckold should. It was by far the hottest moment of my life.

They ended up inviting me over to their house to hang out in the hot tub for a little while and chat to see if we clicked. His wife was in her late forties and had that hot milf look to her and some big ass boobs too. Needless to say we hit it off.

After about a hour I was in their bedroom getting sucked off and then was straight banging her as hard as I could while he watched. I just kept getting harder hearing how worked up it made her husband. She came multiple times and we kept hooking up until they moved away for work.

College Bull Addicted to Your Wife

Since that went down I had to figure out a way do more of this which eventually got me into phone sex and webcam chatting with other guys, wives and of course couples (my favorite).

I love jacking off my 9 inch prick while talking about another man’s wife. It’s so hot describing what I’d do to her in front of them plus they can see how turned on it’s making me when I’m on cam.

If you’d like to talk about banging your wife or any other cuckold scenario – look me up and I promise you will not regret it especially if you and your wife are into younger guys.

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