How to Get Into Cuckold Humiliation

cuckold humiliation

Many women are shocked when they hear that their man is into cuckold humiliation.

It’s shocking enough to find out that your husband or boyfriend fantasizes about seeing you getting it on with another guy but when they want to be humiliated on top of it, just takes it to a whole other level.

Just realize that because your guy is into these type things doesn’t mean he’s not into you, thinks you’re a piece of meat or is mental deranged. Actually it just means he is in tune with his sexuality and knows what he wants but more importantly he has trusted you enough to tell you.

Now when it comes to cuckold humiliation it may make you nervous to start verbally abusing or making fun of your man because you’ll probably feel like it’ll hurt his feelings. So before you jump in and try, talk to him about it or have him show you some videos or whatever so you can get an idea of what it is he craves.

Once you find out what the limits are and how hardcore he wants you to go, just let loose and give it to him. He easily could have been aching for this for years now so he won’t be mad he’ll be addicted to you. A cuckold who’s into humiliation, gets hard from it, turned on by it and will do whatever it takes to please you so you’ll continue.

Lay on the Cuckold Humiliation

Whether it’s making fun of his tiny dick or his body or even teasing and taunting him about being with other men; go right ahead and lay it on him. The cuckold deserves it as much as he craves it so no need to worry, he’ll tell you if something is too far.

Now go and get into some cuckold humiliation with your little cucky and watch how turned on he gets!

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  1. I would love it if my wife humiliated me by telling me she needed a real cock in her, a cock that would flood her pussy or mouth with lots of cum but l think she worries about hurting my feelings. How can l let her know its fine for her to tell me she prefers a nice big cock that can fuck her for hours on end. Sometimes l wish she would just show me her pussy after a good fuck session and tell me thats what a real cock does to her pussy, l would like that very much l just dont know how to tell her its ok

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