Sharing Wife with a Hung Stud

Sharing My Wife with a Hung Stud

Many guys ask themselves what it would be like sharing my wife with a hung stud. Well it’s going to be something like you’ve never experienced if your a small penis having cuckold.

All of us hear time and time again that size doesn’t matter but I’m here to tell you it does. The only women that say it doesn’t are those stuck with guys with small pricks. Trust us on this one. Now when it comes to sharing your wife with a hung stud you’ll need to realize beforehand that she is going to feel pleasure that you’ve never been able to give her and probably never will be able to give her.

Sharing My Wife with a Big Dick

Not only will he be able to go deeper than you but you won’t be able to compete with that “full” feeling all of us women secretly pine for. A hung stud is just that; he’s attractive, built and is stacked in the bulge department. So when your wife is with him and you’re watching expect to be jealous, expect to be a tiny bit mad and expect to be envious because he is superior in many ways and all superior things deserve that level of adoration.

But also keep in mind that you’ll be partly responsible for causing your wife so much pleasure. You after all were the one who submitted, agreed to sharing her and ultimately played a big role in her enjoyment of a real man.

Don’t get down on yourself but rather embrace your role and realize that sharing your precious wife with a hung stud is a good thing for both of you.

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