Size Matters for Wives and Their Cucks

Size matters for wives and their cucks too.

Hearing that size matters for women isn’t a surprise, especially those into the hotwife lifestyle, but some may be shocked that it matters just as much for their cuckolds too. Obviously women enjoy getting it on with hung guy but husbands into this fetish get just as excited over the prospects.

This doesn’t apply to all men into cuckolding. It’s a given that some men want their wife’s new lover to be less endowed than them or their lucky enough to be hung themselves, but far more want to see their partner experience a big dick. In reality that shouldn’t really be that big of a surprise considering the majority of men have smaller penises.

Now let’s look at some of the reasons why size matters.

Cuckolds with Small Penises and Humiliation

Humiliation is one of the more prominent factors in the cuckold realm and this contributes greatly to the desire to watch your wife get banged by a large dick. Cuckolds with small penises come to realize that their wife would experience so much more pleasure with a larger man. So rather than try to fight it they just accept their place and encourage bringing in the big boys.

The humiliation factor only adds to the excitement. Imagine not only sharing your wife with another but also knowing how much bigger he is than you. Cucks can’t help but think about whether they’ll ever feel the same to them afterwards and what sloppy seconds might feel like.

For some seconds is a turn on in and of itself. That feeling of easily sliding into her after she has been opened up by a much bigger man drives a cuck crazy.

Hot Wives Deserve All That Pleasure

Don’t get it twisted, not every cuckold is into humiliation or having an inferior penis, some just think their wives deserve all the pleasure that comes from sex with a man that’s well endowed.

After being with a woman and giving them the best that they can, they desire seeing their woman spoiled sexually and given something maybe they can’t provide in the bedroom.

Being voyeuristic is a hallmark of being a cuckold, so naturally watching their wives brought to levels of sexually pleasure and orgasmic bliss is something that just leaves cuckolded men wanting more. Seeing the looks on their wife’s face, the sounds and screams that they make, all confirm that size indeed does matter not only to their wives but to them as well.

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One thought on “Size Matters for Wives and Their Cucks

  1. We began a hotwifing lifestyle several years ago. When we were first discussing it, penis size was a big factor for my husband. He is of modest size, five inches but thin so it surprised me that he talked about the other man being big. He was right, now I LOVE a big and especially thick one. It really puzzles me when I read “size doesn’t matter.”

    For this female, it DOES! “Bigger is BETTER!”

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