Husband Wants to Watch Me Have Sex with Another Man

My husband wants to watch me have sex

Q. My husband wants to watch me have sex with another man. I was shocked at first but it’s kind of grown on me and I want to do it. Do you think he’ll actually enjoy it or is this whole cuckold fantasy got out of control? Please help!

A. Well we are glad you are at least thinking about the reality of the situation! But you haven’t moved forward with it yet so no damage can possibly have been done. So here’s the thing if your husband truly wants to watch you have sex with another man than you have absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

However, you need to make sure that he really wants this and it’s not just a hot fantasy he has worked up in his mind. What we suggest you do is have a few conversations with him outside of the bedroom about the whole situation.

My Husband Wants to Watch Me

As embarrassing as it may seem, ask him things to get him thinking about the realistic sides of things rather than just the fantasy. When your man is hot and bothered in bed, of course he’ll beg you to do it and promise he won’t get mad. But that’s obviously not the best time to look to him for a truthful well thought out answer.

Get him to think about the guy kissing you, rubbing over your body, sliding your panties down and of course looking at your husband, talking to him and all the other aspects he may be overlooking due to his state of arousal.

Once you get to the bottom of this and find out if he really wants to do this then you can move unto making a set list of boundaries, expectations and a things you can’t do or say list.

The better you plan for this the better it’ll all turn out. But when in doubt or he won’t open up about, don’t go through with it. We hope this helps!

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3 thoughts on “Husband Wants to Watch Me Have Sex with Another Man

  1. we’ve done this many a time. Husband enjoys sharing me with other men and women. I personally like 4 some’s that way I can have sex with the guy and his lady, two pairs of hands and two mouth’s kissing and exploring you is mind blowing. I was really turned on when my husband and another guy fucked each other. When entertaining another couple sexually you have to be careful, you don’t want any hurt feelings or be left out of the fun and all has to be equal.
    I would never give up having sex with different partners!

  2. Do it!!! My wife and I have done this many times. For your husband, he will discover that there is absolutely no feeling in the world that can compare to the feeling of when he slides his cock into your pussy after another man has filled it with his cum. It is absolutely mind blowing!!!

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