Cuckquean: Learn About the Cuckolding Fetish for Women


Plenty of people have heard about cuckolding in regards to men but you may not have heard about being a Cuckquean. You might be able to guess what it is but no need because I’m here to explain.

For starters let’s check out what the heck a cuckquean is, both historically and in its present fetish form.

Cuckquean Historical Definition

The historical definition according to the dictionary is: a woman whose husband is unfaithful to her.

Cuckquean Fetish Definition

A woman whose husband partakes in sexual activities with another woman, but unlike cheating, he does so with her knowledge of it. Not only does she know about it but she is turned on by it, wants it to happen and is often present when it does.

By present I mean literally in the room watching, joining in or at least listening to it go down.

Past vs Present

As you can see the two definitions have a few differences and that’s whether or not the wife or girlfriend knows if her man his having sex with others.

Historically she probably wouldn’t have but in some cases a wife would know but would accept it. Of course she’d usually do this to keep her relationship together or to escape the possibility of other women gossiping around town. I’m sure that some of the women were into it secretly but sexuality back then certainly wasn’t as open as it is now or as wild, thanks to the internet.

In our present era however the term cuckquean isn’t a word used to publicly shame another person but is focused on the sexual fetish it has become, just like the term cuckold for men. Nowadays a woman involved in this fetish would not only know about it but she would most likely be in the same room watching, listening nearby or even joining in on the fun, or in other words, having a threesome.

Cuckqueaning vs Threesomes

Just like with cuckolding, it’s easy for someone to mistake cuckqueaning as a fancy way to say you’re having a threesome with another woman but it’s simply not the case. Yes it can involve a threesome but it goes much deeper than that.

In this situation the wife or girlfriend typically takes a more submissive role and that can manifest in a number of ways. For example one cuckquean might want to just watch her husband get a blowjob or bang another woman, whereas another may also want to be taunted or humiliated verbally in addition.

But even that doesn’t fully cover the spectrum because there are other women that want to be friendly with the other woman and team up to spoil her husband. This fetish like it’s male counterpart is extremely fragmented to the point where it would take far too long to enjoy try to list every single scenario.

Cuckqueaning in a Nutshell

Although it’s difficult to put this fetish in a box, there are main components that are always present when it comes to cuckqueaning or reverse cuckolding; sharing your husband or boyfriend with another woman and some level of involvement, whether it’s watching, being humiliated & teased or some combination of all the above.

So now that you know practically everything there is to know about the cuckquean fetish, do you think it’s something you would enjoy? If you would, wouldn’t or have already tried it out, please let us all know your opinions on the topic.

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