Should I Share My Wife?

Husband watches while sharing his wife.

Should I share my wife?

That’s a question many men have to ask themselves before making the transition from cuckold fantasy to reality. Sharing your wife with another guy is a big undertaking considering all the different factors that play a role.

There is a lot to consider when contemplating this move such as creating drama locally, especially if the guy is a friend of the husbands or someone local or the husband may find himself wondering if he will feel the same as he does when role playing and talking dirty with his wife.

What we suggest is that before taking the plunge you should really think long and hard about the decision first and foremost. Even do something like make a list of possible issues and discuss it with your partner to see how you can go about eliminating them.

Shared Wives: The Details

But for most men they will find themselves struggling with the minute details of the encounter. Things such as whether the lover is more well endowed, if your not into that, or even something as small yet personal such as kissing and caressing.

You’ll need to understand your wife will most likely want to have foreplay, kiss, touch and explore this new man so that she can be fully in the mood as women aren’t as keen on the “just get naked and do it” method that men can easily achieve. So if this seems to be a huge problem you may want to consider sticking with the fantasy.

For a husband to truly be able to share his wife he needs to be able to have enough self-control to not let those natural instincts take hold of him in the heat of the moment because there will always be things you factor in that will arise.

For example after your wife and her lover are finished having sex, let’s say in a hotel room and he has came already but is now just kind of hanging out for a few talking about how good it was and you have also came and have had enough of it all but now have to put up with it for a bit.

Unlike with a fantasy it just goes away the moment you both orgasm or what have you but with a cuckolding or wife sharing situation it won’t.

So in essence you just want to make sure you’ve thought it all through before moving forward with anything and that applies to your wife as well so make sure to keep her involved every step of the way. After all this is a big step for any couple especially married couples.

Just take plenty of time and account for every little detail and you’ll be sure to make the right decision for you when it comes to whether or not you should share your wife.

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