Reasoning Behind Sharing Your Wife

Reasoning Behind Sharing Your Wife

All people have their fantasies but some are a bit more puzzling than others. One those just happens to be sharing your wife. Many don’t understand this fantasy including even the people who have it.

Often times the men and women involved in the relationship jump to the craziest conclusions or are simply perplexed about what this fantasy could mean or what caused it.

The desire for sharing your wife can come from a multitude of reasons but we will break down the most common reasons a man wants to share his wife or girlfriend for others. So this article will probably be the most helpful to those who are trying to get a mental grasp on why their male counterpart wants to see them have some naughty fun with others.

It’s totally understandable for women to be curious or even worried because we all grow up hearing that you don’t cheat, you don’t have sex with people outside your relationship and of course the repercussions being that either you are some slut, your partner doesn’t want you or it’s just his way to get a shot at sleeping around with other women.

You’ll be surprised to find out that the majority of the time none of those things even apply! So you can relax knowing your man doesn’t think you’re some piece of meat.

Reasons for Sharing Your Wife

The first one is the most common reason that guys want to watch their wife with another man. Most men want to share their wives for all the reasons most women won’t think of and that’s because they find them so sexy and love them so much they don’t even want to hinder their partner from having the most pleasure they possibly can.

Another reason for it is the point of view. Men are visual creatures and when seeing their wife with another they are able to take it in from all different directions. For example now he can see all of your entire body while you give oral sex to another man.

Thirdly some guys love the idea of sharing their woman because they enjoy being submissive and probably even some level of humiliation when it comes to sex. It’s often not something they crave constantly but is something they crave just like we crave chocolate, cuddling or a man dominating us sexual.

The final reason we will cover is another common one we hear about and that is the man is inadequate in some way so he begins fantasizing about the woman he loves being pleasured in a way that he feels she deserves. So he may be impotent, have a small penis or even premature ejaculation problems.

Most men realize you can’t fix those issues for the most part so instead they want to provide their wife with pleasure that they cannot and in return they get off seeing how satisfied she is.

We could go on for days about all the reasons but there are a few for you to sink your teeth into especially if your husband or boyfriend just mentioned fantasizing about sharing you with other men.

If any of you have specific question you’d like answered please feel free to leave them in the comments area.

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    1. Sure that may be the case for some men wanting to share their wives but a very small amount. Cuckolding has much more to do with voyeurism, humiliation, pleasuring their partners and other things along those lines. Great addition though, thanks!

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