Sharing My Wife is All I Think About

All I Think About is Sharing My Wife

Well technically nothing is wrong with you for enjoying the idea of sharing your wife.

There are actually tons of guys out there that are also into the idea of watching their wives but just like you; they aren’t going to be telling anyone they know about it.

The fantasy of watching one’s wife having sex with another man certainly isn’t anything new it was just always kept quiet but now thanks to the internet the whole cuckolding phenomenon gives the impression that it just came out of no where.

In all reality though throughout the ages some men have most likely always been secretly craving to see some other guy mounting their partner.

For those of you who stumbled across this article it probably seems one of two ways right now. You either think this topic is completely disgusting or you’re drooling over how hot and erotic it seems. That’s the nature of cuckolding or the sharing my wife scene, it’s a love or hate type of thing.

Wife Sharing: The Fantasy

But back to the topic at hand. There isn’t anything wrong with someone being into this fantasy because after all each of us find different things appealing and that’s just the nature of us.

It’s just when things are deemed more taboo it leads the people who are into it left feeling that there is something wrong with them psychologically but that’s simply not it at all.

Sure there may have been factors in life that helped shape how you feel about things in a sexual way but ultimately it’s just a sexual preference like any other.

Simply because you get aroused by the the thoughts of your wife being sexually serviced gets you raging hard like no other doesn’t make you a freak of nature but more so just a bit freakier in the bedroom but that’s not always a bad thing.

So for those of you get foaming at the mouth or start dry humping the first thing you can get your hands on when you hear something said about sharing my wife, don’t beat yourself up.

There’s nothing wrong with you at all you just have a naughty secret like all of us do. Instead focus your energy on finding a woman who would be open to your fantasies or spend the time discussing it with your wife so that she knows more about what makes you tick.

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4 thoughts on “Sharing My Wife is All I Think About

    1. Prior to reading your doesripticn of cuckolding I really didn’t like the idea. I guess there are so many folks on CM and FL that are into demeaning others.Your doesripticn here is so much more civilized and loving. Truly a beautiful thing. Your husband sounds mature and very confident in your doesripticn and I can tell y’all have a deep abiding respect for each other.Thank you for the true doesripticn of Cuckold.ScottyB!

      1. Cuckolding is VERY misunderstood. I enjoyed talking with you about the subject. Hopefully your article will provide people with a better idea of what this is all about, and how couples view this lifestyle from the inside, rather than the outsiders looking in. Thanks! =) ~Jinxy

  1. I have a very hot wife and have been wanting her to fuck another man for sometime. Have mentioned it briefly and she refused. She did however have an experience with a boyfriend before we were married where he took her to a swinger club without her knowledge, but she told me she did screw several guys there. She has always been very sexually active and enjoyes it very much. We are getting a little older and I am not able to keep up my end. How can I convince her I want to cuckold? I really thing she would, but is afraid I might get upset in the long run.

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