Pretend I’m Your Wife as I Suck Him

Pretend I'm your wife.

Pretending I’m your wife as I suck him off in front of you. Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

How often do you find yourself fantasizing about watching your wife sucking another guy or giving a blowjob to a friend of yours?

You sitting there stroking yourself as I you watch her plump lips slurp up and down the length of him, the wet sounds filling the room around you. It is not only extremely erotic but so naughty at the same time. Well your wife or girlfriend may not be open to the idea but my man and I provide a great alternative.

Cuckold Role Play: Pretend I’m the Wife

If your wife is a brunette with a plump butt then I’ll make the perfect “pretend” wife or girlfriend for you and my boyfriend is hot young stud that is very well endowed. You can chat it up with us, watch us on webcam and more importantly live out those cuckold fantasies.

My personal favorite is giving him extremely sloppy wet blowjobs while I look directly into your eyes and talk to you while I do it. But that’s not all we are into when it comes to wife watching — any cuckold fantasy you can dream up we can work with it and make it happen before your very eyes.

So when your wife won’t do it — know you can always come to me and I’ll pretend I’m your wife and fulfill those needs like no other.

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