College Stud for Cuckold Couples

For this college stud I am only interested in cuckold couples. Housewives, MILFS and cougars turn me on like crazy.

Actually there is only one thing that turns me on more and that’s when their pathetic cuckold husbands or boyfriends watch while I plow out with my thick slab.

Hopefully that doesn’t offend you but I’m not interested in your woman to try marrying her I just want to tap that and have you see what it’s like for a college stud like to go to town on your middle aged hot wife.

Just knowing how long it’s been since she has had another man inside of her gets me rock hard and as you can tell I love talking about it.

College Stud Looking for Cuckold Couples

Sure I can sleep with college girls but I prefer an experienced woman and a woman who has been with a man for a long time — there is nothing tighter than a woman who has been with the same dick for so many years.

I could stroke right now and get off telling you all the details. If you’re interested in that hit me up on cuckold cam. Bring your wife too and let her see what I’m working with.

So what is it about cuckolding that turn you on the most? Does the idea of me working over your hot housewife get you craving the cuckold lifestyle? If it does we should talk about what I’d really do to her while you watched.

Cuckold Cam

One thought on “College Stud for Cuckold Couples

  1. Hello Sir, my situation is a bit different. Im a 44 year old black cuckold, my wife April is 27, she loves white cock. I myself is a trained cock sucking cuckold, I enjoy fluffing the cocks that will be fucking my wife. I do it out of respect of her Bulls.

    I clean off cocks every time she cums on the cock.

    After you are finished using her, I will gladly again lick and clean your cock,then I will suck and lick every drop of your cum out my wife’s hairy, black pussy, Sir.

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