Listening to Your Wife Giving Oral


How many times have you fantasied about listening to your wife giving oral to a stranger?

Most likely you probably have it happen while she is going down on you in the midst of the pleasure and the sound of her wet mouth around you.

Those slurps and sucking sounds just leave you throbbing harder with each draw of her lips don’t they?

You just watching, listening and imagining she was servicing another man. Now just imagine if she was telling you how bad she wanted to do it while performing oral on you.

There is something so naughty about hearing all that dirty talk mixed in with the moist sounds of her sucking. Unfortunately not all women will let their men become cuckolds and some might not even talk dirty to you.

Imagine Listening to Your Wife

Luckily you can get your fix chatting with women that are actually into cuckolding. They get off on it as much as we do. Some of them even do it with their boyfriends so you can hear it all taking place and then of course there are the ones who do live chat so you can see, hear and feel like you’re really getting cuckolded listening to your wife giving oral.

Image Credit: SquirtingDoll on CuckoldWebcams

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