Cuckold Verbal Abuse Can Be Super Hot

Cuckold Verbal Abuse
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For those of you just into wife watching, this may seem shocking but cuckold verbal abuse can be super hot and a way to step up the excitement even more so.

This obviously won’t be the case if you’re not at all into domination or humiliation whatsoever. However for tons of cuckolding couples, they’ve found that verbal abuse and humiliation have become an important part of their fun.

This is especially the case for those of you husbands and boyfriends that are submissive and enjoy being dominated like that.

What is Cuckold Verbal Abuse?

It sounds a lot worse than it is. We’re not talking about read deal personal type blows to ones person but rather taunting, teasing and smack talking, pretty much.

For example cuckold verbal abuse could involve making fun of a tiny penis, premature ejaculation problems or even just teasing about how much better a new lover is than they are.

As you may have guessed it can be any number of things depending on the couple and it can definitely make the role playing or real life experiences even more intense for a humiliation craving cuckold.

Does the idea turn you on? Let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Cuckold Verbal Abuse Can Be Super Hot

  1. I think I’ve found the love of my life she is my Queen and my Cuckoldress I feel as if my dreams are coming true finally and I want the world to know I am am a Cuckold

  2. Hi,
    The idea of me becoming a humiliation craving cuckold and creampie cleaner consumes my day.
    Please help me?????????????
    sub patrick

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