Husband Wants Me to Have Sex with Another Man

My husband wants me to have sex with another man.

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Here’s the deal my husband of 8 years just confided in me that he wants me to have sex with another man but he also wants to watch.

I of course said no but over time I have warmed up to the idea. The only real problem is I don’t know if I should do it at all but he seems so excited at the prospects (always talking about it) and what if he gets jealous?

I would love to make his fantasy come true but I don’t want to risk what we have. What do I do? Please help me.

When Hubby Wants You to Have Sex with Others

Something like this is always hard to figure and should be well thought out beforehand – that’s a must! This right now is all about communication and determining what the reality will be like versus the fantasy he has worked up in his mind.

He may be so excited about seeing someone pumping away that he hasn’t thought about the kissing, rubbing and talking you’d be doing with another man as well.

So please don’t rush into anything and talk every little detail through because like you said you don’t want to risk anything so do just that and don’t unless both of you are 100 percent in on this.

If and when you are at that stage then cuckold the heck out of him and enjoy that new lover in your life!

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