My wife is still best friends with her ex

Wife is still best friends with her ex.

My wife is still best friends with her ex. She says they just get along really well and insists nothing is going on. What do you think about this whole situation?

She hangs out alone with him, goes to dinner with him and even hangs out at his place without me there. Is it normal for a married woman to hang out with her ex-boyfriend? Something seems suspicious about the whole thing.

Best Friends with Her Ex?

No woman has any interest in being friends with her ex unless it’s for the very reasons you’re suspicious about. Your wife isn’t best friends with her ex, she’s cuckolding you with her ex. The only way she would want to stay in contact with him after getting married to you is if he has a cock that’s much bigger than yours.

Size Matters

As much as some guys hate to believe it — size matters. A big dick always trumps a small penis and the odds are your wife’s ex boyfriend has a cock that’s better than yours.

She knows it’s wrong and disrespectful to have male friends she hangs out with, yet she hangs out with her ex of all people. Your wife obviously knew you wouldn’t put your foot down so she’s using it to her advantage.

Having Her Cake and Eating it Too

Seeing your wife has already deemed you to be a submissive beta male, she tested the waters by saying she was best friends with her ex. You in turn didn’t try to stop her, you allowed her to hang out with his big cock and cuckold you.

Now she has a man to work his ass off for her, treat her well and care for her but she also has that big dick ex boyfriend anytime she needs to get off in ways you’ll never be able to.

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