Reverse Cuckolding Turns Me On

Reverse cuckolding? I don’t really know what to call it but it’s what turns me on. The idea of willingly watching my husband having sex with another gorgeous woman really gets me going.

Of course my friends all think my husband would love it if I told him but they don’t understand because they say it’s every man’s fantasy.

The thing they don’t get is I’m not talking about a threesome with me doing stuff with the girl and my hubby, I’m talking about watching, taking pictures, filming and enjoying my body while I watch them enjoy each others. Should I keep this a fantasy or tell him about it? Am I flirting with disaster?

Reverse Cuckolding Dilemma

I always love taking on new and interesting questions and this one certainly fits the bill. We hear about men being into cuckolding all the time but it’s fairly rare we hear about the opposite or the reversal as you mentioned in your question.

Reverse cuckolding is actually known as a Cuckquean which is literally the gender reversal of the term Cuckold. So instead of a Cuckold watching his wife with another man, the Cuckquean watches her man experiencing another woman.

Now on to your friends words of wisdom. I always advocate that people DO NOT listen to their friends relationship or sex advice ever. Just as you said, they don’t understand your situation and they don’t.

The thing you need to focus on is whether or not your husband is someone you can trust to share this information with and if he isn’t then why the hell is he your husband?

But all jokes aside if you want to experiment with your fantasy a bit more or if you simply feel bad not sharing the goodies with your hubby then by all means share with him.

Remember you are only sharing that you like the idea and it turns you on, it’s not like you’re jumping right to playing it out in real life.

Perks of Sharing Fantasies with Hubby

The biggest perk is the fact that now that your husband knows about your fantasy you’ll be able to have more fun with it by incorporating it into the bedroom fun. Now you can talk about it with him, watch videos with him, talk dirty while doing the dirty and of course take it as far as you want to.

Also you are definitely not flirting with disaster by sharing a fantasy with your man in fact you are making your bond that much closer. The more intimate details you share with your spouse the better your relationship will be.

Now if it reaches a point where you decide you want to really do this then of course you will want to move much more slowly because you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your relationship but that’s a whole other topic to get into.

Until then enjoy you budding Cuckquean and go ahead and fill your husband in on the idea of reverse cuckolding but leave your friends out of it.

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