Some Cuckolds Love Humiliation

Some Cuckolds Love Humiliation

Cuckolding is a unique fantasy in the sense that it has many different subgroups within it. Some cuckolds love humiliation whereas other guys would be livid if something like that took place.

This is part of what makes the fantasy so exciting! The fact there are so many aspects to each person’s fantasy only make it more unique and exciting.

The men that are into the humiliation aspects of it really do love it and get off on it like no other. For example my cuckold slave has a thing for being tormented about the size of his penis and I absolutely love to dish it out to him. But as I said before that’s not the case with all cuckolds so don’t just jump the gun – find out first.

Not All Cuckolds Love Humiliation

Personally I love humiliating my cuckolds but it’s not for everyone – man or woman. Those who are however will be able to experience something unlike anything else due to the fact that humiliation is such a strong feeling it can be turned into one of most mind blowing sexual catalysts out there. Ask my tiny dick having cuckold about that one.

Now you are probably wondering what some of the humiliating things that cuckolds enjoy might be. Well just to give a general idea (because there are tons!) cuckold humiliation can come about in many ways.

Perhaps your guy is into being a sissy, having a tiny dick, being made to perform oral on his wife or girlfriend after she has been with her lovers and that’s just skimming the surface.

So do you find cuckold humiliation or humiliation in general sexually exciting? Have you ever experienced it? Let us know all about it – we’d love to hear your stories.

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