Cuckold Role Playing with Sex Toys

Cuckold Role Playing with Sex Toys

Jumping right in and asking your wife to sleep with other men probably won’t work but doing some cuckold role playing with sex toys might open her up to the idea.

Keep in mind this ultimately about her having more pleasure so you need to keep your attention on her, her feelings and incorporating aspects of your fantasy in the bedroom with her.

The first things a woman is going to think of when you mention your interest in sharing her sexually is going to be one of the following:

  1. You want her to be with other men so you can be with other women.
  2. You don’t respect her and want her to be a hooker.
  3. You’re perverted.

Even though we don’t like to admit it women tend to jump to conclusions that aren’t always realistic lets just say. So your goal should be to reassure her and slowly but surely prove to her that your interest has nothing to do with any of those things.

Sex Toys for Cuckold Role Playing

Using toys is a great way to ease her mind about the whole thing and at the same time in a small way let her experience what it would be like plus she’ll get see how excited you get over it all.

Don’t be pushy just suggest that using a toy would be a fun way to experiment a little and show her that it is nothing but pleasure and positivity.

It’s all about taking small steps and this is a great place to start. So start spicing things up with some cuckold role playing using a toy you pick out together – pretend it is another man and talk about as you have fun in the bedroom.

If you do it right you’ll be able to easily find out if she’s at all remotely interested.

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