Telling Wife You’re Into Cuckolding

Telling Your Wife You're Into Cuckolding

Many guys keep their fantasies a secret until they feel totally secure with sharing especially if they are into cuckolding.

Understandably so considering the cuckolding fetish isn’t as openly talked about as many other fantasies such as a threesome with two women or sleeping with a movie star.

Coming clean and telling your wife that you’re into cuckolding can be quite nerve racking.

However look at the upside of spilling the beans. Not only will you have that weight off your shoulders but you’ll also possibly open yourself up to a lot more fun in the bedroom.

Upsides of Telling Your Wife

So you work up the nerve and tell your wife – now what? Well first of all break it to your wife gently and thoroughly explain it to her so she understands because odds are she has never heard of it.

If you pulled that off correctly than hopefully you ended up with a positive response because that’s when the fun can begin.

Now with her knowing it opens the door to hearing her talk dirty about, possibly use some toys and get into some role playing. Plus for you guys really wanting to give cuckolding a try with your wife, there’s only one way to make that happen and that’s by telling her.

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One thought on “Telling Wife You’re Into Cuckolding

  1. You are a real man if you share this fantasy. I do think the word is out about cuckolding so there is a 90% chance she knows exactly what you are talking about. Today once you open up about it, it WILL happen. Just imagine the intense thrill of your wife returning home from a convention saying mission accomplished. You dive down and lick that shared pussy. Intense, happy sex life is now the way it will be.

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