Cuckold Humiliation Princess for Inferiors

Cuckold humiliation princess.

You can expect a cuckold humiliation princess not to take it easy on any of you.

By inferiors I’m referring to you guys that can’t please me sexually, to those of you that want to clean my cream pies and of course those cuckold dick blowers out there that want to fluff my bulls till they are ready to do me hard.

Some women just like the idea of having sex with two guys but for me I like the idea of humiliating shrimp dicks and sissies while I make them watch me take a big dick, that knows how to make me cum unlike them.

I’d most likely either not let them have sex with me and lock their cuckold cocks up in a chastity device or I’d only allow them to have sloppy seconds after they perform their cleanup duties.

Can You Handle a Humiliation Princess?

I know that not every man that’s into cuckolding will be into cuckold humiliation but I’m not looking for those guys. I’m looking for you inferior submissive cuckolds packing those small pinky sized penises in your man panties. Why else would I refer to myself as a cuckold humiliation princess?

If you think you can handle what I’m working with and want to see what humiliation is really about then come to princess and let me know that you need me to rip into you for being a small dick having cuckold loser.

Cuckold Cam

3 thoughts on “Cuckold Humiliation Princess for Inferiors

  1. You sound amazing and I crave extreme cuckold humiliation under your control. Please let me know how to get started. Thank You!


  2. I myself am a fmelae with a fmelae dom, which has developed over the past few months. It started out as a friendship then one thing led to another and here we are. I have had a very difficult time separating the friendship we had with the sub/dom relationship we now have. I have become an emotional mess. I deeply care for and love my dom, and would want more out of the relationship but she is only comfortable with this. Any tips on how I can control my own feelings and emotions and keep hers my main focus? I want more than anything to take care of her. She is also going through a difficult time right now, as she herself is a submissive and has had a messy parting with her male dom. Any advice will be welcomed! Thanks!

    1. I am a black male, mid 40 s my wife is a black female, early 40 s. She plainly agreed to open up our bed this past January. To date she has been with five different guys. Four of them were black. The fifth one was Puerto Rican. She has developed a crush on one of the black guys. He is early 20 s, about 6 feet tall, slender and he is very well endowed. I am 5 7 average build and have average endowment. I encourage my wife to see her boyfriend as often as she likes but they only hook up about once a month. The cuckold lifestyle is not unique, but I have found that our relationship is unique, in that I cannot locate any other black couples that identify their relationship as a cuckold relationship. I would love to talk with another cuckold black couple about the lifestyle. Does anyone have any idea where we might meet such a couple?

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