Wife says I’ve never satisfied her sexually

Wife said I never satisfy her sexually.

My wife says I’ve never satisfied her in bed or any other woman for that matter. So I’ve decided to start servicing my buddy’s cock and shoot toward becoming a sissy cuckold for her.

What do you all think? Do I deserve to have sex with a woman or should I submit to a real cock and let her enjoy big guys as well? I am only around 5 inches long when erect. So is sissy cuckolding the right option for me?

Five inch dicks won’t do the trick

Is that the whole damn dick when it’s hard, just 5 inches? No wonder she said that to you, it’s a tiny little button cocklette not a dick! You clearly don’t deserve sex with a woman, so submitting to your buddy’s cock like a sissy or becoming a cuckold sissy for your wife, are most like your best options.

There’s no way a boner that small can please a woman. I’m actually surprised your wife even married you… unless you hid it from her in the first place.

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