Mature Guy Wants to Pound Your Woman

Cuckold Bull Dave

When I first got into the cuckolding scene I couldn’t believe what was going on. Where else can a horny mature guy like me get to pound your woman while you watch? It blew my mind!

After that first time doing a guy’s wife in front of his face, I was hooked. I’m 35 yet you can bet your woman’s ass I can pound hard and the stamina to pump her for a nice long time for you. I love seeing the look on her husband’s face when I first get slamming into her as she screams uncontrollably in front of him. Priceless.

Honestly I can’t get enough of it. I love chatting with other guys and couples online when I’m not doing the real thing. It’s hot as all hell talking to some guy about his wife and how I’d use her body while he watches.

Getting right into all the details like me pushing her face down in my crotch or spreading her legs wide open like I own it – remember she’s your wife not mine. I’m just there to get off on her good…unless you want it in her?

Want to See Me Pound Your Woman?

I’d love to hear all about your girlfriend or wife too. Tell me what she looks like, what her name is and what kind of panties she wears. Nothing gets me more worked up then hearing about those little slutty panties they wear all day under their sexy outfits.

I think you and your wife will both get off on what I pull out of my pants for her.

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2 thoughts on “Mature Guy Wants to Pound Your Woman

  1. I don’t know about being a cuckold, but I have had a fantasy for more than 15 years of watching my wife let another man fuck her. She’s a prude when it comes to sex though. However, I think one time she entertained the idea. My fantasy started because of a dream I had of her having sex with a co-worker. She told him about my dream and when I asked her why she told him, she said she didn’t know. I think she was seeing what his response would be and maybe if he showed interest she would have acted on it. Not sure though.

    Anyway, we’re no Ken and Barbie, but our names are Ken and Barb LOL. I’m not sure what kind of panties she wears, but I know they’re not bikini or thongs. However, I do know they’re silk.

    If you were to fuck my wife I would want you to kiss her passionately and I would definitely want you to cum inside her. Just the thought of it makes me hard.

    I don’t know how I found this site, but it’s cool so far.

  2. My wife is intrigued…and her panties – black cotton – are very moist at the thought of what you might be hiding in your pants…

    I’m very hard at the thought of her finding out

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