The Time I Watched My Wife Suck Another Guy

When I Watched My Wife Suck a Guy

I spent years practically begging my wife to suck a guy and then finally one day she gave in. She made it clear she would do this one time to satisfy my urge and then we would put it behind us. Easier said than done.

We found a guy online, met up for a couple drinks and headed back to the hotel room I had booked earlier in the week. My wife has 41 at the time and he was only 23. For some reason the thought of my sexy MILF wife sucking off a younger man got me so hard.

Watching Wife Suck a Guy for Real

My nerves were all over the place as we hung out in the room for a little bit but apparently my wife and her young friend weren’t. He stood up and asked me if now was the time for his blowjob. I didn’t know what to say — I felt so jealous, nervous and turned on all in one. And for some reason I was even a tad humiliated but I reluctantly said yes.

My wife giggled and grabbed his hand pulling him towards her and began to undo his pants in front of me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she pulled his pants down further. He had a huge bulge and when she pulled down the front of his underwear his big thick penis flopped out. He was already almost fully hard and easily 3 or 4 inches longer than I am and thicker too.

My wife just grinned at him and slurped him into her mouth. I just sat there watching in disbelief as her head bobbed away on his big dick. There I was actually watching my wife suck another guy and I was frozen in place. The mixed emotions were intense but the taboo nature of it all overtook me and had me beating off my dick before I knew it.

The wet sounds her mouth made as his big head worked in and out of her mouth filled the room. Her stud began to push her head down with his hand, moaning out that he was going to shoot into her mouth. Yes he actually said it out loud like this, “I’m going to shoot my load in your woman’s mouth!”. That made me lose it and when he came so did I.

My wife swallowed it all up to my surprise and smiled at me as she wiped her mouth. I felt so different at that moment it was almost like I was in my 20’s again because I haven’t been able to stop chasing her down for more sex ever since that day. A day I’ll never forget.

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