Cuckold Foot Lovers: Two Fetishes United

Cuckold Foot Lovers: Two Fetishes United

There are cuckolds and then there are foot fetishists however recently we’ve seen a major increase in the amount of cuckolds with a love for feet as well.

However it’s not separate it’s intermingled into one big fantasy where the cuckold is often times left as a submissive toe sucker or foot licker while his wife or girlfriend enjoys another man.

For many of you it may seem surprising that two fetishes from different ends of the spectrum could have merged this way but I think it just seems odd because they are so different. Whereas a guy who loved ass worship and face sitting wouldn’t seem as weird.

More About Cuckold Foot Lovers

The fantasy, just like many cuckold fantasies involves varying amounts of humiliation in regards to the submissive state his woman puts him in. There are some who just want to suck their wife’s toes while she has sexy where others want to be called names and made to lick their wife’s lover’s cum off her feet when he is finished.

For the most part cuckold foot lovers are into everything other cuckold fantasy lovers do with much added attention to their sexy feet and high heels. We hope you enjoyed another peek into the in depth world of cuckolding.

So what do you think of being a cuckold foot lover? Does it turn you on or do you think it is just plain bizarre?

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2 thoughts on “Cuckold Foot Lovers: Two Fetishes United

  1. I’m a Black cuckold and I love women feet. Not to worship them or lick cum off of them (Although I have a plenty of times). I just love women that have soft pretty feet, especially white feet. I love how some feet smell and look.

    I like and kiss my wife’s feet all the time, its just that I enjoy women feet, not as a fetish but like how men like tits. I like feet. I am also a full fledged cock sucking Black Cuckold and Im proud of it.

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